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 advanced technology, security control and lighting control  , specializing in lighting installations , repair all your electrical needs, provide maintenance , any electrical system to compliance with regulatory codes and more . 


offers year-round ongoing maintenance for multifamily homes, retail centers, and commercial property owners and property managers.our goal is to create a commercial electrical system that ensures safety and energy efficiency, while equipping workspaces to achieve maximum productivity today .


We know that your business is the priority and a good business is always in operation, our main goal is to provide the necessary flexibility and speed to our customers so that our customers continue to focus on their business while our team of industrial electricians handle all your concerns and solve all your electrical needs.  with all the necessary equipment to carry out any industrial project

Ecological energy

We work directly with the leaders of renewable energy, the technology moves at an incredible speed, we are updating and renewing all the time to achieve more performance and durability, installation of 5 kW for your home, 50 kW for your business, photovoltaic array.

Lights  solution

we are leaders in new lighting technology, we work directly with the best suppliers in the market, facilitating competitive prices to our customers and the most advanced technology, is an online store associated with us guaranteeing quality and competitive prices . we ensure that our customers get the best at the best price



We work hand in hand with our customers not only giving a quality service also providing a range of comparison of prices in the equipment to install and made saving a lot of budget. We have the best south florida licensed contractors with over 20 years experience in the industry, knows that his business is only as good as its people. For that reason,   have carefully assembled a electrical technician team  experts who are trustworthy and customer-focused .



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